License Fee: $240 per user per year, minimum of 10 licenses. This fee is paid annually to Human Centered Apps. By paying an annual license fee, you get access to upgrades, extensive documentation about the core product, and the ability to “reset” to default if something goes wrong in your customizations.

Installation: $2500 installation fee, paid only once, to Human Centered Apps. This lets us support your installation partner to ensure all of your customizations are implemented seamlessly.

Pre-packaged extensions: $2500 each, one time setup fee paid to Human Centered Apps. The current list of pre-packaged extensions is:

  • Call Center
  • Food Pantry

Implementation Consulting: varies per project. Your installation partner will perform a discovery and evaluation with you to understand your programs, data migration needs, training and support needs, and other aspects of an enterprise system implementation that might be relevant to your project. This can cost many thousands of dollars. A 501CaseManager implementation is often only one part of a full Salesforce implementation with a partner. Human Centered Apps does not set pricing for our partners.