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501CaseManager grew out of a need felt by a consulting firm that serves small and mid-sized nonprofits. They saw how many clients could take better advantage of Salesforce if we could just bridge the usability gap for an affordable price! Human Centered Apps was developing its Framework product, and decided to commit a substantial portion of its energy and time to helping the nonprofit space, and a product was born.

We know from talking with colleagues across the country that nonprofits experience Salesforce roadblocks to adoption when they have either of these situations:

Volunteers entering or looking up key data that requires interaction with Salesforce data (we see this a lot with food pantries)

Complex interactions between objects, particularly when the objects are more than 2 levels deep or need to be connected to many other objects for reporting needs (we see this a lot with any type of program implementation, but human services is by far the biggest need)

501CaseManager is designed to be deployed by experienced Salesforce consultants who work with nonprofits. We provide:

  • Extensive, detailed documentation
  • Discovery and coaching guides
  • Training
  • Direct support with a senior technologist on every implementation
  • Advanced customization services

We would love to talk with you about partnering!

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