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We build our solutions on top of Salesforce for many reasons. At the top of our list: security, privacy, and a built-in reporting engine that is both versatile and powerful.

The problem: Funders are constantly changing their reporting requirements, and nonprofits are always adding funding streams that have new or different data needs. Traditional databases make it difficult to capture new data or look at data in different ways.

Our solution: Salesforce is a platform that allows even relatively inexperienced users easily add new fields to capture data, and 501CaseManager ensures that the same is true even for the custom user interface. Our implementation partners will gladly teach 501CaseManager clients how to add or remove fields so that you don’t have to call a programmer every time something changes.

Salesforce also comes with a reporting toolkit that provides everything a complex organization needs for reporting, including the ability to:

  • Pre-define reports and graphical dashboards for key performance metrics
  • Create ad-hoc reports and charts
  • Modify existing reports with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Report on any part of the system (permissions allowing)
  • Enforce permissions all the way through to reports — if you aren’t allowed to see a field, you can’t report on that field or even know it’s there.
  • Integrate with more advanced analysis and BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI and many others.

In addition, the structure that forms the core 501CaseManager objects and fields was carefully designed to allow for the aggregation and disaggregation of data that clients most often struggle with.

The problem: Human services organizations support some of society’s most vulnerable populations. Keeping their data safe is critical. It can be difficult to know how to evaluate software from a privacy and security standpoint.

Our solution: Salesforce is built for complex structures where security, privacy and permissions enforcement are crucial. For full details of their compliance and security efforts, please refer to

Salesforce natively offers the ability to allow or restrict visibility and edit capability all the way down to an individual field or record. Additionally, you can control who (if anyone) is allowed to download reports to store data outside of the system. Your implementation partner will take you through a permissions and visibility exercise as part of implementation to ensure everything is set up for your unique organization.

501CaseManager offers some additional opportunities to control visibility that extends Salesforce native controls. Privacy on notes and programs can be set for individuals, teams, teams with managers, and many other options. And HCA is glad to sign a BAA to affirm support of your HIPAA or FERPA policies.

Finally, if you need medical-grade protection, Salesforce offers Shield for an additional cost, which 501CaseManager fully supports.