If you already support Salesforce, you know that it’s less about the technology and more about supporting business practices and ongoing user training. Chasing down bad data that led to an automation blowing up, knowing how a new app will impact everything already in the system, figuring out reporting, worrying about security…just another day in the life.

The problem: Security and privacy are job #1 for any database in a human services organization. Technology teams often have to trade off useable systems for secure systems.

Our solution: Because we are 100% Salesforce native, and do not incorporate any calls out to third party systems in our user interface, 501CaseManager is an extension of the existing — extensive! — Salesforce native toolkit for security and privacy protection. Whether you run Salesforce Shield or are in charge of ensuring that users can only see necessary personally identifying information, 501CaseManager complies and works well with with every policy you set in your core Salesforce system.

The problem: Nonprofit program teams are constantly juggling new demands from funders, and many databases are not really designed for rapid, constant change. It can be expensive and time consuming to manage the programming team that has to add new fields or create new reports if you don’t have that skillset in house.

Our solution: 501CaseManager is designed so that a Salesforce administrator can easily add or remove fields. You get extensive documentation about the architecture, purpose of all fields, and automations that come with the system so that you’re well prepared to make changes without any programming at all.

For more advanced IT teams with some programming experience, we offer a “single organization developer” license, training, and support package (contracted directly with HCA), in which we teach you how to extend your 501CaseManager using the tools in the HCA Framework (the technology that allows all of this to happen seamlessly and flexibly). This is appropriate for organizations that may want to pilot with one or two programs, and extend functionality in-house over time.

For organizations that need custom UI elements and don’t have the in-house support, our certified partners can provide new screens, quick action elements, and other custom functionality at their prevailing development rates. Unlike other custom programming, the HCA Framework enables rapid – and therefore affordable – development, dropping the cost of custom development by more than 50% (compared to custom Apex/Visualforce/Javascript programming) in many cases.

The problem: Managed apps for Salesforce can be uninstalled, but remove their architecture (and the basis of all of your reports) away. You have to plan for a data migration if you decide to stop using an app, costing time and possibly a fair bit of money, and you have to rebuild all of your reports

Our solution: When you buy 501CaseManager, you are buying a 3-part solution — the HCA Framework, which is our rapid implementation framework that allows for fast customization; the 501CaseManager architecture, which is a free package that is yours forever; and the 501CaseManager user interface, which is the paid app that provides the easy user interface your case managers need.

The architecture — that is, all of the objects and fields — is yours to keep. It’s free. In fact, if you want it without buying the 501CaseManager product, we’ll gladly give it to you. So if you decide that the 501CaseManager isn’t for you, you don’t have to get rid of all of the data and reports you’ve built up while using it, you just don’t get to use the “pretty face” or fast edits anymore.

The problem: Salesforce licenses are expensive, and nonprofits have to manage every time very carefully. Some apps require Enterprise licenses or don’t work with Communities.

Our solution: 501CaseManager was deliberately designed to work fully on every type of Salesforce license available to nonprofits – from Customer Community through Enterprise, including Lightning Platform. You can better control your costs by selecting the right Salesforce license for your users without worrying whether the 501CaseManager user interface will work for you.