The 501CaseManager Feature Set

What you get “out of the box” with the 501CaseManager is a user experience that extends the powerful Salesforce platform, so that capturing data, using data, and reporting on data become a seamless experience for your entire organization.


501Casemanager was designed in collaboration with busy case managers to identify the areas where having a user-friendly system matters the most. It comes with built-in support for everything you see here, and can easily be customized to your unique processes, fields, and key indicators.

  • Intake
  • Case Assignment to an individual or a team
  • Case Triage and Management
  • A true “case folder” replacement that keeps all information about a client together in one digital place:
    • Files
    • Notes
    • Photos
    • Goals and services
    • Success plans
    • Referrals
    • Financial assistance / emergency assistance
    • Assessments (pre-, mid- and post or whatever schedule you need)
  • Scheduling, meeting attendance tracking, and time tracking
    • Schedule a meeting with a client and capture attendance
    • Tie services provided to a meeting
    • Track time against services provided
    • Tie services to specific funders for easy reporting

The screens are designed to offer quick actions and “no wrong path” to view and enter the most common data, so that users don’t waste time navigating complex screens when speed is needed.


Access all of the powerful reporting functionality that comes with Salesforce, including timed reports, dashboards, reporting snapshots and much more. The 501CaseManager’s underlying architecture was deliberately designed for maximum flexibility with your funder, impact measurement, and day-to-day management reporting needs.

  • Salesforce-native dashboards and reports provide ultimate flexibility in reporting
  • Designed to allow data aggregation and disaggregation at all levels so you can answer funder questions however they’re thrown at you
  • You own the objects and fields forever. Even if you uninstall 501CaseManager, the underlying data remains yours to continue to report on for as long as you use Salesforce.


501CaseManager is built on a technology that allows you to have an easy-to-use experience while still maintaining all of the flexibility that native Salesforce provides.

  • When you need to add a field, you don’t have to hire a programmer
  • Designed to work for any Salesforce license available to nonprofits and other Enterprise users (customer community, partner community, lightning platform)
  • If you need a screen that doesn’t come “out of the box,” we and our certified partners can add it easily


  • Fully Salesforce native – there are no external connections, which keeps your information fully within the Salesforce set of trusted tools.
  • Built to extend and enhance Salesforce – respects all sharing rules, profiles and the full extent of built-in Salesforce privacy and security controls, while adding a few more options in the user interface.
  • Everything built into our technology is able to conform to HIPAA, FERPA and other policies your organization must conform to. Human Centered Apps will gladly sign a BAA.


501CaseManager offers the following extension packages* for common nonprofit use cases. These extensions are designed to plug into 501CaseManager without the need for custom code.

  • Call Center
  • Food Pantry

* Please note that these are paid additions to the core 501CaseManager functionality and may also require additional consulting services from your implementation partner. We package them to ensure quick delivery of common features at a low cost, without the need to custom-create these elements. We also add to this frequently and will not charge a fully custom rate if you if you’re the pilot client for a packaged product.